What does AEFF do?

Since its launch in 1998, AEFF has been producing and distributing educational films about environmental issues in Africa, for the people of Africa, in their own languages. These films are distributed free of charge, and are seen by millions of people, predominantly in East Africa, but also a growing number further afield on the continent, and internationally.


The AEFF team works year-round in Africa, making films exclusively about African issues. By presenting the facts and working examples in a balanced and impartial way, AEFF enables and inspires individuals and whole communities to make informed decisions about their own environment. The films show people ways to forge a way out of poverty without depleting the very natural resources on which they depend for a healthy and sustainable future in the long term.

In tandem, these same films allow people in Western countries to gain a true understanding of the real issues facing people in Africa, which could have long-lasting benefits for cross-cultural understanding and cooperation.

AEFF can be distinguished from other organizations, which occasionally use film as a teaching tool because:

  • AEFF has over 40 years’ experience of film-making and conservation work in Africa.
  • AEFF has camera crews on the ground in Africa all year round.
  • AEFF personnel have an intimate understanding of Africa, how it works, and what are its specific needs.
  • AEFF makes educational films specifically for African people in their own languages, about issues that directly impact them (as opposed to merely translating films made for entertainment of Western audiences, which have a different emphasis.)

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