Film Libraries

AEFF currently has direct access to three film libraries:

  1. Over the past ten years, AEFF has built up its own substantial archive of film material, covering a wide range of wildlife and environmental subjects. Not only does this resource provide up-to-date content for current film projects, but it will also continue to be a valuable historical record for years to come.

  2. Simon Trevor, AEFF's Founder and international award-winning documentary film-maker, has donated the educational, non-commercial rights to his own archive of film material and finished films, covering wildlife and environmental issues going back 40 years. This is an invaluable resource at AEFF's disposal.

  3. The late Rick Lomba's film library, donated to AEFF by his widow, also forms part of AEFF's substantial and ever-growing archive. Rick's footage was shot mainly in Southern Africa, which compliments the predominantly East African-based content of AEFF's other two film libraries.

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