AEFF's Completed Films

To date, AEFF has produced and distributed 23 one-hour educational films about a range of diverse environmental and wildlife issues:

  1. The Great Ruaha River
  2. Elephants of Tsavo
  3. Keepers of the Kingdom
  4. The Tombs below Aruba
  5. Wanted Dead or Alive?
  6. Running Dry
  7. The Meanest Animal in the World?
  8. Walking Birds
  9. Together They Stand
  10. Black Rhino - On the Brink
  11. A Keeper's Diary
  12. Natural Security
  13. A Gift from the Elders [part of AEFF's Inspiration Series]
  14. The Migration with No Beginning and No End [part of AEFF's Inspiration Series]
  15. Endangered Heritage [part of AEFF's Inspiration Series]
  16. Koiyaki Guiding School [part of AEFF's Inspiration Series]
  17. The Lion Couple [part of AEFF's Inspiration Series]
  18. The Fastest Family [part of AEFF's Inspiration Series]
  19. Kuruwitu - Between a Rock and a Hard Place [part of AEFF's Inspiration Series]
  20. The Turtle Watcher [part of AEFF's Inspiration Series]
  21. Tiva - A River of Sand
  22. Cats and Dogs
  23. Bloody Ivory


Documentaries made by AEFF will never lose their relevance. Even when events covered in a film are no longer current, it continues to be an important informative and historical document, capable of providing inspiration and education to each new generation for years to come.

If you represent an educational institution, or an environmental or conservation organization in Africa, you can request a copy of these films on DVD. A growing number of AEFF's films are also available for sale online. Each sale helps raise the funds needed to provide free copies for schools and conservation organizations in Africa.

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